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High quality wooden toys

High quality wooden toys or maybe plastic toys? Prior to this there are many parents, if they want their child to give pleasure. Many decide to receive the beautiful wooden toys, because it is a natural, stable and durable material. Also, over the years the children have so much fun with these beautiful toys. Whether marble run, blocks or small playshop and its accessories in holzspielwarenshop.ch you can find a huge range of beautiful and high-quality wooden toys for big and little kids from Spielba, Janod, Plan Toys, Baufix, and SES.

Wooden toys are not the same wooden toys. Buyer should be taken particularly on quality. Especially infants tend to sometimes take a toy in his mouth. An important aspect is therefore definitely that these toys treated with non-toxic colors and comply with European standards EN 71.

Advantages of robust wooden toys

Compared to conventional plastic toys that have wood on some benefits. While plastic toys always harmful plasticizers are found wood is a natural material, which usually does not contain any harmful substances. Also, wooden toys resistant definitely and therefore more durable than plastic toys. Due to its high resistance wooden toys are virtually indestructible and are sometimes minor accidents. Unlike plastic toys wooden toys can less easily splinter or break, so it is a safe gift for your children.

Durable wooden toys with tradition

As Wooden Toys has a long tradition, usually lasts for many years and thus can be shared with small siblings or other children in the family, these toys are also recommended from the perspective of sustainability. Particularly popular wooden toys, which are often already the parents and grandparents played are the classic rocking horse, the drawing animal, the bullet train, blocks and wooden puzzles or even the children's kitchen and the small playshop for little people.